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on carols beachHi, I’m Libby. For a little under 12 years, I lived 80 miles south of Fairbanks, Alaska on 5 acres of land, in a mobile home with my husband, two kids, 3 cats and a dog. I hated the mobile and loved the rest.

Our property was also home to 4 goats, a herd of rabbits, chickens, weasels, bears and other assorted creatures. I grew a large garden, fished through river ice, foraged for herbs and berries, wild-crafted, and made just about everything, including my kids’ clothes.  Having  grown up in a small town in Upper Michigan, I was no stranger to rural life.

Alaska was adventurous and hard. Very hard.  Long, manic summer days (trying to get everything done in a scanty 12-16 weeks) and critically cold (-50 degrees) winters with 16 hour dark nights were just a few of the challenges.  When we got divorced, I knew I’d have a hell of a time raising two kids by myself in what I, by then, considered a hostile environment.  (I mean really, bears in my garden, frozen/broken pipes, floods, malfunctioning furnace and miles away from anything).  So I moved to the Pacific Northwest, where the environment is beautiful, benign, and relatively predictable.

I love it here. The land is friendly and nurturing. And although I’m now living in a small city near the Canadian border,  I’m still a rural gal at heart.  I will always miss my Alaskan friends and the raw wild of the far north. I learned a lot surviving there (which I intend to pass along to you) and it helped me grow in many ways.  All challenges invite us to expand our capacity, don’t they?  For that, I’m thankful.

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