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Greetings From the Edge


When we say frontier, we’re not talking about the Alaskan bush (although one of our contributors actually lives there), but any natural place that requires skill and harmony with the environment in order to survive.  Whether you’re raising horses in Eastern Washington, running a coffee plantation in Hawaii,  living rurally in the Midwest or in a hut on a mountain top, you have to live by your wits. You rely on them for your survival. Frontiers are actual places, but they are also spiritual and psychological.  The point is, when you’re on an edge, you’re alert and learning and that’s what this blog is about.

This blog is for and about adventuresome & spirited women…

…living at the edge, improvising, learning how to sustain ourselves and thrive.  It’s for women who love dirt, animals, the open sky; who love, and learn from, Nature (Mother Nature and human nature) in its splendor and harshness.

We are women living into a clearer, elemental and closer-to-the-bone kind of life. We live at the gateway between the past and an unknown future and relate to all life as if it is connected and it matters… because it is and it does.

In a very real sense, we are pioneers and here is space to share what we’re learning, what we observe and to give voice to what we think is worth passing along.

We hope you’ll join us.