Fried Green Tomatoes

My garden was fertilized with alpaca manure this year and the tomatoes are loving it.

I just finished a lunch of fried green tomatoes.  I made them 2 ways…one using the traditional recipe, which is slicing and salting them, letting them sit for about 10 minutes, then drying them off and dipping them in egg/buttermilk mixture and them rolling them in a mixture flour,cornmeal/breadcrumbs.  Of course everything every step of the way was seasoned with salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and my latest find…smoked paprika.  After frying the first batch, I mixed the wet and dry ingredients together to get a batter and dipped the tomato slices in it.  It tended to slide off so I had to help it along…but when I fried them up, it created a terrific tasting, crunchy crust that encased the whole tomato slice, leaving the center soft and delicious.

The difference was that the first batch of slices came out grainy, dry and rough on the outside.  The second batch was crispy and, well, battered.  Both were so good I almost fainted.

These were not the heirlooms.  They’re not ready yet.  These were Early Girls.

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