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Bamboo Yarn for Knitted Knockers

I love bamboo as a textile. I have bamboo sheets that are soft, silky, warm, cool, antibacterial and wear like iron.  I’m also a knitter and have begun knitting with bamboo yarn…a newcomer on the textile scene.

Here’s a picture of a yarn called Universal Yarn Bamboo Pop Cream. Click on the pic and it’ll take you to Amazon and the description page.

bamboo yarn 

Universal Yarn Pop Cream

Have you ever heard of Knitted Knockers? It’s a group of knitters who knit breast prostheses for women who’ve had mastectomies and don’t want silicon implants. Since bamboo is antibacterial and so durable, it’d be a great yarn to use if you’re inclined to be part of this amazing group.  You can Google them and get the full story on how to get involved.