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Frontier Women is a website born mostly out of my own experience. When I thought about what to name this website I decided that frontiers are edges and that throughout our lives many of us live on edges. I have never been what I call a herd dweller. I have always taken my own path often to my disadvantage. But the truth of it is I really cannot do it any other way.

Along the way I’ve learned things that I think are perennially useful for any woman that experiences herself as a margin dweller. So although frontier women has a bent toward emergency preparedness, survival, sustainability and preservation, it is much larger than that.

Big changes in our lives force us into places that we haven’t been. Whether those changes take a while to happen or come upon us suddenly, life feels chaotic, confusing, and conflicted. That’s what I call a frontier edge.

The times we are living through beckon to many of us to pull away from the chaos and confusion of the mainstream. We seem to instinctively know that Western culture is out of control on many fronts and unsustainable for many. We are increasingly aware that our comfort is at the expense of others and has a ripple effect on them and on our environment. We search for ways to change our impact.

Knowledge and understanding of nature (human nature as well as mother nature ) and our relationship to it is a baseline from which new paths grow. I created this site to share what knowledge I have gained, the discoveries I continue to make and the wisdom of the other writers here, in hopes that you will find our insights valuable.

Some of the material you’ll find here has sprung from actual books like Country Women  by Janine Tetrault and Sherry Thomas, The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery, a number of books by Rodale Press, and a host of other articles and books that we have each assimilated.

I hope you’ll come back frequently and read our posts. I hope you’ll share with others who are forging new territory.

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