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on carols beachHi, I’m Libby. For a little under 12 years, I lived 80 miles south of Fairbanks, Alaska on 5 acres of land, in a mobile home with my husband, two kids, 3 cats and a dog. I hated the mobile and loved the rest.

Our property was also home to 4 goats, a herd of rabbits, chickens, weasels, bears and other assorted creatures. I grew a large garden, fished through river ice, foraged for herbs and berries, wild-crafted, and made just about everything, including my kids’ clothes.  Having  grown up in a small town in Upper Michigan, I was no stranger to rural life.

Alaska was adventurous and hard. Very hard.  Long, manic summer days (trying to get everything done in a scanty 12-16 weeks) and critically cold (-50 degrees) winters with 16 hour dark nights were just a few of the challenges.  When we got divorced, I knew I’d have a hell of a time raising two kids by myself in what I, by then, considered a hostile environment.  (I mean really, bears in my garden, frozen/broken pipes, floods, malfunctioning furnace and miles away from anything).  So I moved to the Pacific Northwest, where the environment is beautiful, benign, and relatively predictable.

I love it here. The land is friendly and nurturing. And although I’m now living in a small city near the Canadian border,  I’m still a rural gal at heart.  I will always miss my Alaskan friends and the raw wild of the far north. I learned a lot surviving there (which I intend to pass along to you) and it helped me grow in many ways.  All challenges invite us to expand our capacity, don’t they?  For that, I’m thankful.

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  1. Hi,

    For your recirpes –

    I live in the woods, I use plants for things like burn salve and teas. I like to wild gather berries for pies and elderberry brandy. This recipe is for when everybody’s got a nasty flu or some other kind of plague, and its got you too. Recently a friend was visiting from out of town, and she got real sick….she was staying at a rented place, not mine – but she was down with swollen throat, infected ears, sinus infection – it was nasty. I gave her my best referrals and she got some meds and started feeling better. Thats when I went out to dinner with her – and the next day I had it.

    Heres my remedy – it kills anything – and it works in 24 -48 hours for me, but I eat real healthy all the time, so that might make a difference. It definitely beats any meds they’ll give you – its a quick bounce back.

    Take two capsules of goldenseal 4 times a day. Take vitamin C 1000 mg on the hour. Drink as much water as is humanly possible. And take a half dropper of Lomatium Osha tincture 4-6 times a day under the tongue (it tastes horrid at first). And sleep – sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep.

    If you tend to have a pretty sugary or white diet, then you can alkalize your blood with two tablespoons of organic applecider vinegar in a quart of water and drink that, or add some lemon to your water, or make a vegetable broth (any kind) – that really helps too.

    When its all over, you need to take two caps of probiotics every morning 30 minutes before food (for two weeks), with a cup of warmish water to rebuild your intestinal flora that were killed by the golden seal.

    Stay shining!


    1. Thanks Saphir for that wonderful remedy. I’m sure the readers will use and appreciate.

      I love home remedies like this one…mine is Nutra-bioti (2 caps every few hours), Vitamin C (1000 mg) 3 x daily and zinc lozenges. The other thing I did this year was make my own inhaler with tea tree oil, peppermint and eucalyptus. I got the empty inhalers from a supply house on the internet, soaked the interior ‘tampon’ like thingy in the oil, put it inside the inhaler, capped it and used it regularly. It was so effective.

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