The Stories We Tell

“Stories set the inner life into motion, and this is particularly important where the inner life is frightened, wedged, or cornered. Story greases the hoists and pulleys, it causes adrenaline to surge, shows us the way out, down, or up, and for our trouble, cuts for us fine wide doors in previously blank walls, openings that lead to the dreamland, that lead to love and learning, that lead us back to our own real lives as knowing wildish women.”~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I don’t know many people these days whose inner life isn’t fraught with anxiety of some sort.  This quote really reminded me that I have the freedom…indeed the response-ability…to tell myself a different story when I find myself responding fiercely to a story I’ve stumbled into while not paying attention.  If it’s not of my creation, it’s not my story.

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One thought on “The Stories We Tell”

  1. Stories – ah, yes – STORIES!! There is no moment more poignant than realizing that I do have my own story(ies) and am not obliged to follow, word for word, action for action, the stories of others. I pen my own script, play lead in the production and stand with ovation at the close of each scene!

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