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Lake Superior

Hi Everyone,

I’m writing from the shores of Lake Superior…well not exactly on the shore right now, rather at the local wifi hotspot, the Ontonagon Township Library.

Lake Superior copyThis area is exquisitely beautiful; remote, simple — it’s like stepping back in time.  Lake Superior, in all her grandeur, is just about the most beautiful body of fresh water I’ve ever been privileged to love.

I heard an interesting rumor that a number of years ago, Dow Chemical and some other companies dumped 55 gallon drums of waste into the Lake near Duluth, and that the drums are decomposing and release toxic substances into the fresh water.  There are a few folks that are calling Washington about it and some have been told that cleanup was ‘on their list’ and others have been told that no one had heard a thing about it.  I’m going to try and find out more.

I came back here for a memorial and spent the day yesterday talking with dozens of people from all over the country.  I was amazed at the similarity of stories relating to unemployment, confusion and breakdown in the existing systems of this country, deteriorating infrastructure, need for sustainability, etc.  Things are much more dire than I had imagined.

I am so glad this blog is up and beginning to plump out.  It’s a premier resource in the making.