Over the Moon

Grandmother Moon and The Ferry
Grandmother Moon and The Ferry

The moon is my Grandmother. When I see her round and glowing face, I greet her.

I breathe in connection to all that is as she passes over me each night.

Sometimes I dance and twirl and my moonshadow twirls and dances with me.

When I wake up in the night, I know she is with me.

When Grandmother Moon is hidden and away, I wish her well on her journey and then I make my prayers for the coming month.

I have a special prayer that comforts me: “Moon’s changing face, heal me.”

It means as we move steady in the sky through time and space, my connection to all that is will grant me the time and space to correct my ills, my wrong doings, my wrong actions.

They bombed the moon last night. They attacked my Grandmother.

I pray they will remember that they, too, are connected to all that is, and that they will have time to correct their ills, their wrong doings, their wrong actions. That we all will.

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One thought on “Over the Moon”

  1. Beautiful post Hannah. I too have an intimate relationship with the moon and the metaphorical significance of this event is profound. Our life on this planet is so closely tied to the moon that I just have to wonder what these people are thinking. I wonder why NASA is concerning itself with the moon in this way. What’s the story?

    I felt similarly when we bombed Iraq, the cradle of civilization as we know it. I thought about how ancient that civilization and all that has come from it. I thought about language and numbers and astronomy and astrology….and so much more that has come from there. I also thought about the goddess cultures that prevailed there for thousands of years before the birth of patriarchy. I pondered the metaphorical significance of bombing all that to smithereens.

    My current frontier is living on a planet that is under seige, in a culture engineered by the ‘captains of industry.’ I feel like a stranger in a strange land and often, even in the middle of my privileged life, feel like I’m wandering across a landscape not of my own making and wondering what I’m doing here, what is my purpose and what can I, as one small person, do to influence this transformative time.

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