Lake Superior

lake superior shoreline My friend Carol lives on the shore of Lake Superior and this is is a view not far from her property. I grew up in a small town on this lake shore and still miss it. Probably always will.

It was a small community of a couple thousand people that, despite the foibles, existed together by virtue of common geography, history, or simple accident of birth.  Last night my cousin and I were talking about the sense of belonging we experienced there; how, having that as a frame of reference, we yearn to replicate it.  We were wondering aloud if it’s possible to do that with others who don’t have a similar frame of reference.

There’s a lot of talk about ‘community’ these days as a lot of us seek to re-tribe ourselves. Seems to me that communities form because of affinity or geography or common goal.  And when we try to create intentional community, the issues (and questions) that arise come out of the same three elements.

What is your definition and quest for community?

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