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Here’s a Home Remedy to help ward off the flu.  It’s from my friend Saphir Lewis:
I live in the woods, I use plants for things like burn salve and teas. I like to wild gather berries for pies and elderberry brandy. This recipe is for when everybody’s got a nasty flu or some other kind of plague, and its got you too. Recently a friend was visiting from out of town, and she got real sick….she was staying at a rented place, not mine – but she was down with swollen throat, infected ears, sinus infection – it was nasty. I gave her my best referrals and she got some meds and started feeling better. Thats when I went out to dinner with her – and the next day I had it.

Heres my remedy – it kills anything – and it works in 24 -48 hours for me, but I eat real healthy all the time, so that might make a difference. It definitely beats any meds they’ll give you – its a quick bounce back.

Take two capsules of goldenseal 4 times a day. Take vitamin C 1000 mg on the hour. Drink as much water as is humanly possible. And take a half dropper of Lomatium Osha tincture 4-6 times a day under the tongue (it tastes horrid at first). And sleep – sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep.

If you tend to have a pretty sugary or white diet, then you can alkalize your blood with two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar in a quart of water and drink that, or add some lemon to your water, or make a vegetable broth (any kind) – that really helps too.

When its all over, you need to take two caps of probiotics every morning 30 minutes  before food (for two weeks), with a cup of warmish water to rebuild your intestinal flora that were killed by the golden seal.

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