Emergency Kits

I went to a meeting about earthquake preparedness yesterday.  Do you have a grab-and-go disaster kit made up?  What about a hunker-down-for-a-few-days kind of kit? Or are you the type that has a bunker full of food and supplies?

I’m curious to know what you consider essential in an emergency – short term and long.  Now that I know I’m living right on top of a major fault line that is due to become seismically active soon, I bought a backpack suitable for 4 people.  I also posted one here that’s available on Amazon in case you want one that’s ready made.

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One thought on “Emergency Kits”

  1. My garage is detached from the house, so I have my camping equipment there instead of in the basement. I figure I have no chance of getting anything out of my basement in an earthquake. But I should make up something for my car. I’d make sure that there is water, water tablets, first aide, etc. But I also think that a bottle of gin or vodka (not just for drinking – as antiseptic too) and chocolate for comfort are key. Oh, and pet food for my animals. And giant multiple backpacks to carry it all.

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