Are you on an edge?   Following a path of your own making?    Trying to create a sustainable life while living by your wits? 

Learning how to survive and thrive, how to discover and hold your own in a rapidly changing world is a huge creative effort. If you are choosing a self-designed, sustainable life, you’ve landed in the right place.

American author Frederick Turner once defined ‘frontier’ as the edge of settlement: on the one side exists the culture and on the other side the wilderness.  Expansion of any kind, especially conscious expansion, involves stepping into an uncharted territory, a wilderness.

We are all passing through gateways to an unknown future. So let’s face some facts:

  • Living at the edge of anything is hard
  • Navigation is a necessary skill
  • Help and support matter…a lot

I’ve created this space as a resource dedicated to  sharing what we think is worth knowing, locating good-quality things, sharing  valuable information and awakenings.   How is it different from the gazillions of other informational websites on the web?  Well, to begin with…

Information is NOT knowledge.  We are buried in information. Knowledge, however, integrates information, experience, vision and good sense.  When we’re on an edge, we’re alert and always integrating what we take in.  This site is about building knowledge through integration of information. It’s actually all about building a better world.





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